Company's patented technology won the National Science and Technology Invention Award
Second prize and first prize for progress in technological achievements

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Welcome to Ningbo Jiangnan Plastic Window Container Co., Ltd!

Ningbo Jiangnan Plastic Window Container Co., Ltd is located in Ningbo, China’s deep-water port city. It is also the high-way coastal high-way highway with the same length as the third high-way passing section in China, the first bridge in the world - the south bridge of Hangzhou Bay Bridge, The metropolis of Shanghai only 100 minutes by car, water and land transportation facilities, is China’s economic hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta.
The company registered capital of 5.08 million yuan, covers an area of ​​47 acres, with modern standards plant 20,000 square. In the past 20 years in rotomolding industry, strong technical force, strong research and development capabilities, the company’s operating system to design, development, mold manufacturing, production, sales and future service as a whole. Company to market demand-oriented, science and technology development as the driving force, with excellent technology and integrity of the concept of scientific and technological achievements will continue to be transformed into productivity, production and development of practical novelty of various products. The industries covered by the company include chemical industry, rare earth, cobalt and nickel, metallurgy, water treatment, environmental protection, medicine and food, electronics, aquaculture, textile printing and dyeing, transportation, traffic safety facilities, entertainment industry, construction industry and so on. Our main products are large-scale rotational molding products, stainless steel products, steel lined plastic products, mechanical components, all kinds of rotational molding boxes and rotational molding molds, etc., to undertake various types of large or non-standard customized rotational molding products, and provide OEM production. A variety of products to become the industry’s designated ancillary products, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games key competitions such as the Bird’s Nest, Water Cube and other places within the water treatment system, supporting the use of the container are the company’s products. The company has the industry’s only raw materials, product testing center, advanced processing equipment and new imported raw materials. Various types of rotational molding products based on demand information, real products, customized drawings that can digest, process design, mold manufacturing, quality products in the ISO9001 quality certification system under the conditions of the successful completion of the grant.
The company has a number of design patents, utility model patents and invention patents. And the company’s patented technology "large plastic products, rotational molding method and its special mold" won the National Science and Technology Invention Award "" second prize and progress of technological achievements "first prize." Products by the National Quality Supervision, Inspection and Plastic Products Center qualified by the Zhejiang Provincial Product Quality Supervision and Inspection and Zhejiang Provincial Health Department standards compliance approved. The company is vice chairman of China Plastics Association rotational molding professional committee unit, the United States Rotational Association members, China Membrane Industry Association member units, the Chinese environmental newspaper units, is the People’s Republic of China hazardous chemicals packaging, container production designated enterprises, and is "Polyethylene plastic container national standards" drafting unit.
We will always serve the needs of domestic and foreign customers on the products of Jiang, Jiangnan people’s fundamental idea is based on their own development and unlimited dedication to China’s rotational molding career. Meet the challenges, dare to be the industry leader. …

How to choose the high quality plastic containers?

The use of plastic containers in our life is very common, water buckets, cups, including plastic water tanks and so on. Storage containers for fresh food and plastic tubs for washing clothes belong to the category of plastic containers. The quality of plastic containers is closely linked with our life. Plastic containers are lightweight, not easily broken, and they are not easily oxidized and can be used sustainably. However, good plastic containers are relatively adulterated with harmful substances in the production process and will not cause harm to the human body. Therefore, When we choose plastic containers, there are small coup.
1. When buying plastic containers, pay attention to look at the appearance of plastic containers to see if there is damage, especially to see the thickness of plastic containers, whether the container surface black spots impurities.
2. Because the main material of plastic containers is a variety of chemical compounds, chemical compounds exudes harmful substances in extreme cases, and must be carefully and carefully selected. There is a small mark below each plastic container, usually at the bottom of a plastic container, a small triangle with 1 to 7 digits in a small triangle. Each number represents a different material, and we can select plastic containers by number.
3. Smell the smell of plastic containers, plastic containers generally better taste than the poor quality of plastic containers, the taste of light, bad quality containers of plastic taste more concentrated.
4. Select a plastic container, should pay attention to see its color, looking at the sun, viewed from the side, if some turbidity, better than very transparent, so that the chemical composition of the inclusions is relatively small.
These are just a few of the experiences I have gained in buying plastic containers. The widespread use of plastic containers gives us a better understanding of its important role. When we feel it convenient, we should also buy cheap ones when the prices are cheap. Good plastic container.…

PE tanks are widely used in various industries

PE water tanks are widely used in various industries
PE water tank, from the name you can see that is used to hold water appliances. This material tank, the use of a very wide range, in all industries are available. Generally used to transport water or store water.
PE water tanks can be applied to aquaculture, the most indispensable in the aquaculture industry is water, but people like small-scale aquaculture can not use a lot of mobile water. You want to change the water, you can only use the stored water, this time the tank can come in handy. Water storage tank capacity is very strong, for farmers, you can prepare a few water tanks for reserve water use.
PE water tanks can also be used in the food processing industry, for the food processing industry, because it involves the cleaning of raw materials and other procedures, but also will use a lot of water every day. And in this industry need pure water score, this section of the tank is non-toxic and tasteless, in the course of the use of water can be guaranteed without pollution, it is suitable for the food industry.…


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